Odd Pairs Menu | Spring 2010

sambar spiced vada with coconut chutney and green tea served with green tea beer.
Glazed Donuts Chicago and Ineeka Tea

springtime carrot soup with trio of salted marshmallow “croutons” – roasted garlic shallot, ginger wasabi lemongrass, and bacon fumee de sel.
FIG Catering & Beyond The Shaker

caramelized onion shortbread topped with fontina, bacon, chili & pecan caramels, spicy red cabbage slaw and black lava salt.
Swim Cafe & Das Foods

skewered pieces of quitan – a new quinoa-based protein food with ginger bbq sauce.
Great Taste Cafe & Ginger Bliss

beer deconstruction: goose island granita with shaved black lime, sweet citrus emulsion and edible flowers from chef’s garden • triple distilled goose island “green line” mist • cinnamon and citrus-infused hot wort tea.
Goose Island & L20 Restaurant

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One response to “Odd Pairs Menu | Spring 2010

  1. Hey everyone, Jettison Quarterly just ran an article on their blog about the Goose Island/ L20 team in spring’s odd pairs event. Check it out at http://www.jettisonquarterly.blogspot.com

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